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Race Timing, Consultation, and Management


From basic electronic, RFID timing (disposable bib tag or reusable chip), to complete, turn key management, RaceSmith can provide most any service for your race.  We specialize in timing races, utilizing the Ultra UHF Timing System developed by RFID Race Timing Systems and RunScore race-scoring software.  The production of fast, accurate results is our priority.  We can provide electronic, RFID timing for simple finishes, net time starts, transition splits for multisport events, course splits, and lap counting.  We have numerous years of experience, timing various kinds of endurance races.


For running races, we offer disposable, electronic, RFID bib tag timing. For triathlons and other multisport events, we utilize reusable RFID tags.  These reusable RFID tags are attached to the athlete's ankle by means of a neoprene strap, that we provide.  Both systems provide reliable, fast, and accurate results.  Contact us and ask about which system is best for your race.


Other services that we can provide, include, but are not limited to:  consultation on the operation of your event, registration data management, online registration management, event brochure/application preparation, marketing, social media mangement and course design/measurement/certification/management.


When it comes to race day, we can provide virtually every piece of equipment to make your race a success.  We utilize a finish line structure, from which we are able to hang a digital clock, finish banners, and/or sponsor banners.  We also have several digital mile marker clocks, available for use on the course.  Following are some of the other pieces of equipment we have available for your race's use: Triathlon Bike Racks, swim buoys, multiple sound systems, tables, water coolers, cones, fencing, pennant flagging, vertical flags, course directional signs, and mile marker signs.


Contact us for more information, a proposal for services, and a price quote for your upcoming event.





Contact information:

Email: billy.hasselman@gmail.com